The Performing Arts Program

The VA Productions dance program is a model that brings the performing arts to youth of all ages. This program seeks to empower youth through innovative dance training labs. VA Productions uses dance to teach character development, self-discipline and goal setting.  The goal of the program is to create a fun and safe environment that encourages good relationships and allows students to become engaged dancers by learning the power of movement and transformation. We tailor our program to meet the specific needs of each school and grade level.​






Dance sessions will focus on the history, vocabulary, technique, and cultural context behind each form of dance.  Every student gets a chance to showcase their own artistic voice by creating and sharing dance sequences created in small groups.  The training labs foster structured and supportive interactions with classmates, problem solving practices and build academic as well as artistic skills. Additionally, the training labs highlight the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and positive group interactions. Students will also have the opportunity to perform in an informal presentation showcasing the knowledge gained during the labs before their peers, teachers, family, and the greater community!

• Hip-Hop

• Two-Step

• Swing Out

• Modern

• Jazz

• Latin Dance Forms

• Pantomime

Additional instruction:


• Critical Thinking

• Acquire Technical Knowledge

• Improve Academic Achievements

• Respect self, others and surroundings

• Conflict Resolution

• Physical Fitness

• Community Service



Dance Training Lab:


• Teach the history, cultural context and technique behind various genres of dance

• Each student will document their learning through student-created dance journals

• Student performances showcasing the knowledge gained during the program

• Choreographed dance pieces/ Special training for student team leads

Curriculum designed for: 


• Elementary Schools



• Middle Schools


The Brotherhood Program

The Brotherhood Project is a group of professional dedicated men who are able to guide and support youth and young men, who are fatherless boys on their journey to manhood.  We have a proven approach that has produced real changes in youth/young men.   We believe that our mentorship program is critical to the long-term development of youth and their ability to navigate through the journey of life.  The goal of The Brotherhood Program is to empower youth/young men through mentorship, discovery and discussion of history, culture and social problems that are around them. 

The Brotherhood Program curriculum challenges:


• Critical Thinking

• Leadership Development

• Self-Awareness/Respect for others and their surroundings

• Conflict Resolution

• Drug Awareness

• Physical Fitness

• Community Service

• In-depth support to boys with academic issues and that are extremely at risk

• Mentors and role models, who listen, encourage and believe in them

• Mentors and role models who model integrity, accountability, compassion and respect

• Entrepreneur sessions where each student will create weekly career choice and business

   plan journals

• Professional day once a month where speakers will visit to discuss their careers and


• Approved supervised outings to recreational events

Curriculum designed for: 


• Elementary Schools



• Middle Schools



"Move Something" 



Move Something Inspired to Dance Battle; is a program that allows inspirational dances to showcase their gifts before a live audience and professional judges.  The showcase has a set dynamic precedence on a national platform in the gospel entertainment industry since 2008.  Move Something provides dancers the opportunity to display their talents in an atmosphere totally designed for aspiring dancers, seasoned and established dancers as well as teachers and choreographers.   As an educational mechanism, this program encourages youth, teens and young adults to explore deeper into the origin of various dance styles while competing in various categories.


The Houston Dance Tsunami is a collaborative inspirational dance movement of multicultural dance groups, companies, churches and schools.  The groups combine their creative energies to broadcast the power of unity in the ministry of dance.  Established in 2013 under the tutelage of Movement Engineer Stacy J. Harrell the Houston Dance Tsunami has over 200 dancers strong and growing.  The Tsunami is packed with dancers from various cities in Texas (Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas). The Houston Dance Tsunami participates in festivals, parades, concerts and special events. Groups are sized to fit the event.


Houston Dance Tsumani


Tsumani Dance Sections: 

• Banners, Flags and Streamers

• Children (5yrs-11yrs)

• Youth (12yrs – 14yrs)

• Young Adults

• Adults

• Sensational Seniors